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we had a full house launch at Moods on 2.2.2020

and then the pandemic struck...

Transformation  NEW ALBUM

Kalpana Rao’s album, „Transformation „ is a powerful package of music entailing elements of Jazz, World & Pop, fused to form catchy melodies, underlined by strong, ethnic and modern, infectious rhythms. Based on the Sanskrit Mantras of her homeland India, and Jazz that has steered her musical life in Switzerland, her songs are partly English making the meaning of the Mantra tangible to all, subtly promoting the message of peace and mindfulness. Kalpana with her strong, sensually expressive voice and her prolific, international line-up bring together all their musical influences to form a unique, hip sound. Reaching out to a wide audience, this band holds the listeners captive, making one embark upon a musical journey that is calming & invigorating at the same time, inspiring one to groove, sing and let feelings flow freely.

The EPK (Electronic Press Kit)

Video by Kamerawerk Winterthur